Swarovski Crystal Necklace Set


Swarovski Crystal Necklace Set with Sterling Silver Lilies


Swarovski Crystal Necklace Set with a  sterling silver chain and clasp. Chain measures 18 inches long and Earrings measure 1 1/4 inches long.  The Pendant is a Swarovski Crystal Briolette  measuring 1 1/4 inches long with a solid sterling silver Calla Lily flower cap and Earrings to match.

Swarovski Crystals have a chemical coating that is used to create the many different colours of the crystals and comes in many different shapes and sizes giving them world renowned recognition for their stunning clarity and excellence.

Swarovski jewelry is known for its durability and hard-wearing nature. Like any jewelry, it does tarnish given the right circumstances. It can be cleaned easily. Exposure to harsh chemicals and prolonged direct sunlight can cause fading.

  • Swarovski Crystals are High Quality
  • They dress up an outfit
  • Reflect light & Sparkle

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