Aleita Jewelry’s Ocean Sparkle Collections are inspired by the natural beauty of the Ocean around Vancouver Island and the Hawaiian Islands. Using a variety of Pearls from all over the world with soft Gemstone accents like Blue Topaz, Green Aquamarine, Opals, Blue Sapphires, Larimar, Moonstones and Green Emeralds reflect the lovely colors of the ocean. Tropical Sunsets of the Hawaiian Islands are reflected in Aleita Jewelry’s use of Red & Yellow Quartz, Red Rubies, Citrine, Sunset colors of Multi-Sapphires and the deep orange of Carnelians laced with pearls.

Using Gold Fill, Gold Vermeil & Sterling Silver Chains, Beads & Embellishments such as Beach Glass, Hand Blown Glass, Koa Wood Beads and beautiful Lapidary Stones, Aleita Jewelry creates a feeling of dreamy yet elegant designs that you can wear proudly.


Midnight Oasis Collection

As the Sun sinks into the ocean and the sky turns from a topaz blue to a midnight blue with golden colors of the last of the sunset inspires the restful yet powerful colors used for this collection.

Pastel Dreams Collection

Pastels are dream-like, soft, romantic and the absolute antidote of our busy lives. The soothing colors of light rose quartz or the tranquil blues & greens of aquamarine gemstones, make these designs relaxing & subtle to wear.