Kunzite Gemstone Necklace


Kunzite Gemstone Necklace


Kunzite Gemstone Necklace. Sterling Silver Chain & Fastener measuring 19 inches long with a large spring fastener  opening. Kunzite is the best-known variety of the mineral spodumene and named after famed gemologist George Frederick Kunz. Additionally, this stone gets its delicate color from trace amounts of manganese and can range from a light pink, light green to violet purple. California’s San Diego County is an important source of kunzite

Aleita Jewelry’s Kunzite Gemstone Necklace has gorgeous shades of pink and green therefore illustrating the variety of soft pastel colors this stone exhibits.

Because of its rosy pink color, kunzite is typically associated with the heart chakra, in other words, emotions. In addition, kunzite is considered a soothing and centering stone. One that helps to open up the heart with compassion and positive thinking.

Kunzite is widely linked to quelling anxiety, panic attacks and trauma.  It can also be good for deflecting criticism from others.  Kunzite is also associated with friendship and romantic love. Overall, it is a stone of serenity. Prized for its blushing beauty, kunzite adds an enchanting, pastel touch to necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

This Kunzite Gemstone Necklace from our Pastel Dreams Collection, is a perfect compliment to your Jewelry Collection. Matching Earrings are shown and available for purchase, too.

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