Keeping your Jewelry Shiny & Clean

Overexposure to oxygen will tarnish your sterling & copper jewelry. Keep your pieces separate from each other in small zip lock bags with a small piece of anti-tarnish paper (ask me for a few). Using air tight containers to store your pieces will keep them shiny, clean and ready to wear!

Tangles & Travels

Cut two slits just inside the top corners of a business or index card. Slip each side of your chain/necklace into the slit and slip the card into a small zip lock. This will keep your chain tangle free and ready for travel. Using a Pill Box like the ones used for a week at a time for earrings also works well for earrings & travelling.

Control Moisture and Humidity

Next time you purchase a new pair of shoes, save the silica gel packets and store them with your jewelry. Silica gel packets help absorb moisture slowing down the tarnishing process.

Keep your Strung Jewelry Looking Great

Jewelry armoires and hooks work well for metal chains but may damage your pearls and strung jewelry. The weight of the stones will stretch the silk over time. Store your pearls and strung jewelry flat to avoid the cost of restringing them for years

Moisture & Jewelry are not Best Friends

Overexposure to oxygen and moisture will accelerate the tarnishing process. To keep your jewelry low maintenance and looking it’s best, store it away from the bathroom. Water and chlorine can cause metals to corrode and tarnish and can damage your stones as well.

Work outs can be rough on your pieces. You risk misshaping them on equipment and body oils & sweat can build up on them.
Sleeping in your jewelry can accidentally misshape or kink your pieces and body oils and sweat can build up on them. Let your jewelry rest while you rest!

Hair sprays, make up, water, lotions, makeup removers and other chemicals can build up on your pieces making them dull and even eating away at your finishes over time. Put your jewelry on after you finish getting ready and take it off before you start washing up for bed.


1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon baking soda
1 tablespoon dish detergent
1 cup water
1 piece aluminum foil
• Heat water in the microwave for 1 or 2 minutes.
• Cut a piece of aluminum foil that roughly covers the bottom of a small bowl
• Pour hot water into the bowl adding salt, soda and dishwashing liquid. Place jewelry on top of foil & water mixture in bowl and let it sit for 10 minutes.
• Rinse jewelry in cool water and dry jewelry completely with a soft cloth. Discard solution after use and make a new batch next time.
• This works well for gold-filled, gold, sterling silver & brass jewelry. Gemstones & Pearls should be washed in gentle dish detergent, rinsed well and polished with a soft cotton cloth.