Creating beautiful jewelry started eight years ago as a hobby, never realizing how big of an impact this would have on my health in a positive & healing way. As I explored this new world of designing jewelry, I was transported into a new world of endless possibilities.

Delving right into it headfirst, as I tend to do, I learned about gemstones, lapidary, wire wrapping, pearls, beading, gold, silver, findings, color mapping, jewelry tools, quality suppliers and leather knotting. I Purchased numerous books on jewelry design, took a few courses and of course, ordered a lot of supplies.

Next step was how to sell all the pieces that I have lovingly created after I gave away my initial creations to family members and friends. Creating a website was first plus learning  how to promote Aleita Jewelry through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Newsletters (sign up! click here) and Blogging, to drive interest to my website.

Creating beautiful jewelry has provided me with endless learning and entertainment that continues to ignite my passion for this wonderful modality. Designing jewelry has improved my focus, concentration and inspired me with joy & hope through some very difficult health challenges over the years. Being able to look at the sky, flowers and the ocean then create a piece of jewelry that reflects what I have seen, this to me is a piece of heaven.